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Akmas perfumes – Manufactures of Hi- Tec Perfumery Products.


We are the leading manufacture of perfumes for more than 25 years. Akmas World Wide Perfumery Exports is a Company based in Kuwait, KSA, UAE and India, with the core interest in manufacturing, marketing and export of a wide range of perfumery products, to the Middle East and African countries, with expansion plans to Europe with a substantive local presence.

We have been in the business of creation and supply of fragrances for more than a decade. Relentless R&D, years of experience, market study, customer needs were all major factors in success of our products in the global market. They were all created in tune with the tradition of each region, considering local tastes and trends.

Our editions of spray Perfumes, Roll-on 8ml, 3ml Non Alcoholic and other related materials are fast moving products in the galleries of reputed perfumery shops. Today Akmas brand of perfumes enjoy a distinguishable brand value among the best in the industry.

Owing to our uncompromising approach to quality and service, we enjoy the trust and patronage of many reputed establishments and loyal customers around the world. Our objective is to provide continuum of diverse perfumery products and reach to the world market, while delivering outstanding value to each and every customer. Our core values are practiced in our day to day work by each one of us, giving our customers an experience of trust and customer advocacy, that is unique in the business. Our conscience is built upon the strong ethos of customer needs and our staff trained to promptly execute them, evolved by years of experience, detailed understanding of the market, implementing inspection procedures, test methods, all vital ingredients of success.

We look forward to serve you, and assure you of our attention and services always

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